​Review: MCA – A perfect blend of action, romance and comedy

Review: MCA – A perfect blend of action, romance and comedy

Nani MCA Movie Review : Nani’s most awaited film Middle Class Abbayi has been making headlines ever since it announced. Right from its title announcement to trailer, the film received thumping response from the audience. Well, the film has hit the screens today. Now, let us see how it will be:


Nani and Rajeev Kanakala are brothers and Nani is very much attached to his brother. After Rajeev tied knot with Bhumika, an honest RTO officer things completely changed at home. And she starts telling home need to Nani and after few days, he started disliking her. During the course, Nani’s brother gets transferred to Delhi and Bhumika to Warangal. Rajeev requests Nani to accompany Bhumika in Warangal.

Upon Rajeev’s request, Nani decided to stay along with his sister-in-law. After shifting his base to Warangal, Nani comes across a student (Sai Pallavi) and she proposes him in the first sight. She tries to woo him every day and during the course Nani also falls for her.

But twist in the tale arises, when a powerful villain shiva (Vijay) who runs a transport mafia troubles Bhumika. How Nani comes across Bhumika’s problem? How he saves Bhumika? What happened to his love story forms the rest of the story? 


MCA is a beautiful routine story that explores the milieu of Warangal. The director manages to entertain and engages the audience. The film has lavish production values. DSP’s BGM and music score pushes the film to the next level. picturisation and choreography of action and dance are the major assets of the film.


Nani has delivered top notch and his comedy timing will impress you. Sai Pallavi and Bhumika Chawla have good scope for acting and they did an excellent job. The major highlight of the film is the love-hate relationship between Nani and Bhumika. Naresh, Aamani, Rajeev Kanakala and Priyadarshi Pullikonda have also done justice to their roles,

Film70MM special focus on MCA:

  •   First of all a big kudos to Nani Garu for enthralling audience with his brilliant comic timing and dialogue delivery. He carries the film in his shoulders and nevertheless to say, HE CAN ONLY DO THE HAPPY-GO-LUCKY GUY roles with an ease.
  •  The director Venu Sri Ram has made us to go back to the memory lane as he showcased REVERSE LOVE STORY.  Long back, we have seen love stories, in whcih a girl proposing to a boy.
  •   Venu Sri Ram also showcased many jobless boys’ difficulties in Middle Class families.
  •  And the director perfectly portrayed the difficulties of Middle Class family problems.
  •   Sai Pallavi did a marvelous job as a DARE AND DASHING young girl in the film. Indeed, she became an inspiration to many girls. A big thumbs up to you girl!
  •   Dil Raju Garu always needs a special mention for offering lavish production values in his films. Hats off to you sir for such extravagant production values!
  •   Hope we don’t need anything to say about our Rockstar DSP’s music and BGM, as he always ROCKS and also about cinematography by Sameer Reddy Garu.


 MCA – A brilliant family drama laced with good dose of romance, comedy and action. Worth for your hard-earned bucks. Go and watch now.

Rating: 3.5/5

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