Cast: Kalyan Ram, Nivetha Thomas, Shalini Pandey

Director: KV Guhan

Producer: Mahesh Koneru

Banner: East Coast productions

Music Director: Sekhar Chandra

 Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s most anticipated film 118, starring, Shalini Pandey and Nivetha Thomas hit the screens today after creating a buzz with its teaser and trailer. The film has grabbed the attention of the audience after the intriguing trailers were released. However, now let us see whether the film reached the expectations of the audience or not.


TV reporter Goutham (Kalyan Ram) is always haunted by a dream in which a young and beautiful lady appears while fighting with the death in his dream. So, he tries to reconstructs the scene to scenes and add up the clues, resolve what appears to be a murder mystery. His ladyloveMegha (Shalini Pandey), friend (Prabhassrinu) helps him to find the girl Aadhya( Nivetha Thomas)in the dream.

How Gautham finds the girl? What was the incident? Who are the victims and culprits?How Goutham completes the formalities of taking the culprits to the justice. Forms the rest of the story.


There is freshness in KV Guhan’s execution in his story. He establishes his characters, puts forth their conflicts and their final resolution. To Guhan’s credit, he has focused mostly on his theme with no distracting unwarranted elements in the narration. The cinematographer turned director is a talent to watch out for. The suspense element is maintained throughout with unpredictable twists being reserved for the post-interval session. The slow and enticing narration keeps you glued to the seats and towards the climax, you can almost hear your heart beating loudly.

Kalyan Ram brings a range of emotions all in quick flashes and he is major asset of the film.Kalyan Ram’s steely eyes and expressions are apt for the intense feel. Nivetha Thomas owns the screen with her body language and emotion laden voice. Her vulnerable face and trembling voice add a lot of depth to her characterization. Shalini Pandey did a perfect justice to her role. He looks cute and beautiful as a love interest to Kalyan Ram. PrabhasSreenuand other actors are effective in their respective roles.

Technical team has lent its right kind of support to KV Guhan. Songs of Sekhar Chandra blend unobtrusively as short montages while his BGM enhances the feel and mood of the scenes. A great work indeed by the musician! Cameraman contribution to the film is great as his camera angles and light capture are imaginative. In sum, the work of a debut director KV Guhanwhich is gripping, intense and even shocking but all the same, well made to give the right kind of viewing experience.


Positive Aspects:

  • Interesting and slick theme
  • Racy first half
  • Cast and their performance


Routine flashback


On the whole, 118 is a different intriguing and engaging thriller, with the unique dreaming conceptas its main backdrop. A watchable thriller, with an unexpected turn of events!

Rating: 3.75/5