Aatagadara Siva Review – A Fairly Suspense Thriller

Aatagadara Siva Review – A Fairly Suspense Thriller

Cast: Uday Shankar, Hyper Aadi
Director: Chandra Siddarth
Producer: Rockline Venkatesh
Banner: Rockline Entertainments
Music Director: Vasuki Vaibhav

Critically-acclaimed award-winning director Chandra Siddarath, who is known for his two films Aa Naluguru and Andari Bandhuvaya, is back with an intriguing suspense thriller Aatagadara Siva, which is a Kannada remake of Rama Rama Re. Now let us see what Chandra Siddarath has in store for us this time? Read below to find out.


Babji (Uday Shankar), who is an escaped death row convict, ends up taking a road trip with an old man Jaggaya (Doddana). The government announces a cash reward of 10 Lakhs to those who give details about the convict Babji. But, the twist in the tale arises when the police department suddenly decided to encounter Babji.

What is Babji mistake? Why did police decide to encounter even after court judgment? Did Bobji escape from the death penalty? What happens next? Forms the rest of the story.


Doddanna carried the entire film on their shoulders and he is one of the major assets of the film. Uday as Babji is just ok in his role. Comedians Hyper Aadi, Chammak Chandra, Chalaki Chanti and others did a great job in their respective roles. There is ample scope for the entertainment of the film in a different manner. The storyline of the film is one of the major highlights of the film.


The first asset of the film is cinematography. The cinematographer Lavith has captured beautiful visuals in the movie. Vasuki Vaibhav scored impressive music and the background score by Nobin Paul is one of the major assets of the film. Lavish and top-notch production values by Rockline Entertainments and so is the editing.

The film has all the commercial elements that a common man could ask for, with a slice of action, sentiment, suspense, and comedy. But whether all these elements are mixed in the right proportion is debatable. The first half doesn’t majorly have any high point as such, and the story starts to pick up only from the pre-interval sequence.

Coming to the director, Chandra Siddrath’s direction is good and his vision to direct a suspense thriller is brilliant. It clearly appeared in each and every frame. The comedy scenes do not work in most places. Chandra Siddrath has written the second half very well and made the audience to glue to the screen.


Director must have chosen the right cast for the film. Casting is one of the major drawbacks for the film. The director failed to establish the characters in the film.

VERDICT :  It’s a fairly suspense thriller