Allu Sirish reveals unknown side of Pawan Kalyan on his birthday

Allu Sirish
It’s sort of festival today in both the Telugu states as it is the birthday of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Over the years PK has amassed a fan following not only for his acting skills but for his social activities as well. His personality has many facets. A humanitarian, social worker, party leader and many more. Many are enchanted by his magnetic personality. Leave aside fans and commoners, the power star has a fan in his own home. The younger generation from the Mega Family admire him for his unique style and charisma.

Today, on his birthday, birthday wishes are pouring in on the social media. Young Mega family hero Allu Sirish conveyed his wishes to the Power star and listed out some qualities that he admires of him.

Allu Sirish has described PK as a ‘Naturopath’ as he is known to use a lot of Ayurvedic stuff. PK consumes a lot of ‘Amla'(Indian gooseberry) which hels him stay youthful and is the reasons for his excellent skin tone and hair. He is hardly known to use any cosmetics.

The ‘Srirastu Shubamastu’ star also reveals that PK indulges in Ashtanga Yoga, a difficult form of yoga compared to Hatha yoga, which involves asanas hanging from ropes.
It is a known fact that PK is an avid reader. Sirish fondly recalls that he used to visit ‘Walden’ bookstore where PK used to purchase books. The book keeper shared that PK picked up books on varied topics like politics, theology and philosophy.

We all are well acquainted with the fact that PK is a sensitive person. Sirish writes on his twitter page that while he was admitted in hospital for a car accident in 2007, PK had rushed to the hospital with teary eyes though he wasn’t as close to his nephew then.