Are Samantha and Naga Chaitnaya engaged?


Anything and everything about Demonetization and Chay-Sam wedding are proving to be crowd pullers now and guess none is bored yet! Naga Chaitanya & Samantha are so relationship goals that they make it to the headlines every other day (if not, Samantha posts a pic).

While their recent pic is all over social media, here is a shocking update. As per the grapevine, Samantha-Chay are already engaged. They have exchanged vows and a ring amidst the presence of Akhil, his fiance Shriya Bhupal and a small gathering of close associates. The recent pic of Sam-Chay with Akhil-Shriya Bhupal saying “family” posted by Samantha is actually a pic from the day of engagement.

Well Sam is even spotted wearing a ring (in all her recent pics) which is touted to be the engagement ring (She posted a separate pic of the ring on Instagram), according to the rumor mills.


All these are adding fuel to the fire and the star couple is as usually tight-lipped about the ongoing rumors. Lets wait and see how they choose to deal with this “engagement ring” speculation.