Audio Review: Dhruva – Electrifying and Rocking Album


So, the day is finally here for Mega fans. After a smashing teaser and an energetic back to back song teasers released a couple days back, the day Mega fans have been waiting for is finally here. The music for Dhruva is here. The music is composed by famed composer Hip Hop Tamizhan, who is a musical giant in Kollywood. And here is a film70mm exclusive audio review of the album:

Dhruva Dhruva Song:

Singers: Amit Mishra

Lyrics: Chandra Bose

The title song starts off with Mande Agnivi Nuvvila in typical hiphop style laden with high voltage rhythm, electric guitars and bass work. Amit Mishra does a good job in bringing out the additional thump to the track and Chandra Bose’s quirky lyrics are quite good as well. The line “Dhruva, Duskella Bhanam” with thunderous and electrifying music gives you goose bumps.

Choosa Choosa Song:

Singers: Padma Latha and Sniggy

Lyrics: Chandra Bose

The second track is a melodious romantic number that deals love between two souls. Chandra Bose’s lyrics are heart touching and poetic to listen as well. The harmonica touches and bass work is quite commendable. Tamizha have rendered beautiful notes while Chandra Bose has penned lyrics with much passion. Without a doubt, this Choosa Choosa track might become one of the love anthems this season.

Pareshanuraa Song:

Singer: Padmalatha

Lyrics: Yadagiri

Backing Vocals: Vishnu Priya

No Telugu film is complete without a mass number and Dhruva is no different. The album gets an inevitable mass touch with Pareshanuraa sung by Padmalatha and backing vocal provided by Vishnu Priya in full vigor. The third number is quite high on energy levels with sultry vocals ably supported by the mass elements throughout. This song creates a new trend for an item number which slowly transforms into to the groove and also has the Indian style peppiness with tabla as well.

Neethoney Dance song:

Singers: Hiphop Tamizha, Nikhitha Gandhi

Lyrics: Chandrabose

A trance like track Neethoney Dance sung by Hiphop Tamizha and Nikhitha Gandhi again comprises of riffs and digitized loops. Chandrabose‘s lyrics prove yet again that he can create a trendiest songs with equal ease. The interludes are laid back and at the same time create excellent impact on the listener. The number has fast track in the list; it still has a fresh and quirky flavour.


On a whole, the Music director Hiphop Tamizha has got interesting album with electrifying, rocking and melodies as well. He gives us rocking album that will make you to tap your foot on the ground while listening. One of the best albums of this year, for sure!

Our Picks:

Dhruva Dhruva, Choosa Choosa and Neethoney Dance

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to the entire album right here: