Dhruva villian bulked avatar

spotted-handsome-villain-s-terrific-body-1475127940-1697Yesteryear actors are making a strong comeback to films. Actors like Jagapathi Babu and Arvind Swamy will blow you off your mind with their performance as lead villains in their second innings.

Jagapathi Babu who was confined to playing repeated characters in films was given a fresh lease of life when he played the rugged angry villain in ‘Legend’.

Arvind Swamy also won accolades for his negative performance in ‘Thani Oruvan’. The actor also reprises his role in ‘Dhruva’, the Telugu remake of the Tamil hit film. This time he has taken his character in the remake a notch higher as he will be seen flexing muscles against Ram Charan in ‘Dhruva’.

To prepare for his role, he has been regularly hitting the gym and has bulked up unbelievably. Check out the image where he can be seen taking a selfie of his ripped arm.