Gopichand’s films in doldrums?

gopichand-holds-oxygen-movie-1477373154-133Action hero Gopichand’s agony seems to have no end. Firstly, it was his film with director B Gopal that hit the dust midway of its shoot. Now, we hear that after a long hiatus, they have resumed shooting again and the film is being wrapped up at jet speed for a December release.

Going by the latest buzz in Tolly town, his second film titled ‘Oxygen’ with director AM Jyoti Krishna has met with the same fate owing to creative differences between the director and the actor. The clash between the two has escalated to an extent that they refrain from seeing each other eye to eye.

The producer of the film AM Ratnam, father to director AM Jyoti Krishna, seems to be in a fix with both the director and hero at loggerheads with each other.

Meanwhile, Gopichand has moved on to his next film with director Sampath Nandi leaving the fate of ‘Oxygen’ to air.