I voluntarily asked for a song on fruits: Pragya Jaiswal

Much before the offer of being part of Om Namo Venkatesaya came to Pragya Jaiswal, it was reported all over. During a recent media interaction, Pragya said, “I was surprised to see the news because I have no idea about it. Congratulatory messages kept pouring in.

If I don’t respond people think I am arrogant, but if I say ‘thank you, it means I am doing the film. But the film wasn’t offered to me by that time, so I didn’t know what to do and only wished the reports would come true.”

After I had Lord Venkateswara darshan, I got a call from the unit of ‘ONV’, and I guess I had the divine blessings. I believe in god. There is definitely a super power that’s controlling all the things. I am not someone who goes to the temple on a daily basis and indulge in fasting, etc., butI am religious.

The amazing combination K Raghavendra Rao (KRR) and Nagarjuna delivered hits like ‘Annamayya’, ‘Sriramadasu’, etc., so it was an offer too good to resist”. Describing about her role, she reveals, “Since it was a role where I had to be myself, it became an easier ride. I play Bhavani, a sweet, innocent and chirpy girl, who always dreamt of marrying Ram Baba since childhood. My role is about how I grow up and eventually realizes that he is made for something bigger and he aspires to see God. How she sacrifices her loves is being beautifully portrayed. Since she’s always dreaming there’s a fantasy romantic song too.”

KRR’s obsession with fruits and flowers in songs is considered as his trademark style. Ask Pragya how the experience was shooting for such a number, she shares, “I expected the song to happen on the first day, but it didn’t. Later, I voluntarily went and asked him ‘Sir, where are the fruits’? He was astonished because he never expected me to know about it. He broke into laughter and so did other unit members on sets. But we shot it eventually, it had to be there na, it’s a proper KRR song and was a fantastic experience” said the actress.

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