In the world of CINEMA, the aspects of craze, respect and admiration are normally attributed to actors and some well-known artists, but it hasn’t been the same for the directors. In fact, it takes someone extraordinary talent like the tough master SS Rajamouli, Koratala Siva, Boyapati Srinu ..etc. to garner the craze following among the audience.
However, one young director, who proved his mettle with just three films, became a hot property and blockbuster director in TFI. Yes, he is none other than Mr. ANIL RAVIPUDI. To describe about his success, we will run out of all the nouns and adjectives like BLOCKBUSTER, SUPER HIT, and MEGA HIT. Thanks to his eccentric style of cinema and choice of his films.

Anil Ravipudi made a grand entry into filmdom with Paatas, which churned blockbuster success at the box office and won special accolades from audiences. He directs the clean entertainers with a mix of all emotions to appeal to the family audience without compromising on the entertainment part. Anil’s forte is full length comedy-based entertainers.


Right from his script selection to the cast selection to the style of filmmaking, Anil maintains a crystal-clear vision and clarity in his films. This made him to join the bigshot directors league within no time. His kind of cinema is fresh, light hearted and fun to watch. Giving us hits like Pataas, Supreme, Raja The Great, his films are blockbuster mass entertainers. He also makes us to fall for his style of filmmaking with enough twists and surprises in his movies.
Nevertheless to say, Anil Ravipudi sir,” You are a kick start inspiration for the upcoming young directors.”
In many interviews, Anil Ravipudi said that his father’s brother Arun Prasad, who directed Gautam SSC was quite an influence on him. In fact, Anil started his career as an assistant director cum writer with Gautam SSC and continued working for Shouryam, Sankham, Daruvu, Kandireega before he turned a solo writer with Masala and Aagadu. His rich experience in the two departments helped him gain confidence enough to narrate a story to heroes.
Why every hero wants to work with Anil Ravipudi?
We are all know that Anil Ravipudi will tickle our funny bones with his trademark comedy in all his films. Apart from the comedy, he perfectly blends all the emotions in a perfect way in his films. And most importantly he leaves no stone unturned to elevate the hero to the next level with the right bang of heroic scenes.


In Paatas, the second half boasts full heroic scenes of Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and pre-climax gives us goosebumps and he showed Kalyan Ram in a whole new avatar.
The goose bump dialogues in Paatas are:
“But, I hate criminals, Aim the guns, FIRE.”
“Money vadathavo , manushulni vadathavo , kaallu patukuntavo , kalar pattukuntavo, pakkalesthavo , pairasile chestavo naa kodaka em chestavo chey.”


The way Anil showcased the emotion through a small boy is simply superb. And he needs whistle-worthy applause for giving us goosebumps during the pre-climax handi-capped persons fight. He pushed the heroic elevation to the new heights when Sai Dharam Tej fights against baddies.
“Naa skin white kavachu kani naa blood Indian di.” ~ OMG! I am still hearing the clapping sound of the audience for this dialogue in theatre.

Raja The Great:

This film needs no introduction and the way Anil Ravipudi elevated the hero character is beyond the limits. When he fight for the promise he gave to his mother and his ladylove lucky, makes every audience in the theatre to stand and clap. That’s the liveliness he brought to the hero character with the physical handicap issue.
The dialogue “I am BLIND, but I am TRAINED” gives us a lot of inspiration to achieve our dreams in the life. And this dialogue shaked the theatre for a minute with all the claps and whistles of the audience.

Few Dialogues of Raja The Great Which Packs A Punch:
Nuvvu yeppudina adaviki velli pulini chusi bhayapadava? Bhayapadthav! Endukante niku puli kanapaduthi. Naku Kanapadadu. May be nee point of view loo nuvvu pulli ayyi undachu.. Naku Kanapadatle.
Problems anevi nedala mana vente untayi…aa needa chusthu aagipothe munduku ela veltham?
Life yedi yedurochi manakivvadhu… maname yedurelli tiskovali! Badha nundi santhoshamina, otami nundi gelupina
Pranam leni rayi enni rangulu marchukunte, pranam unna manam yenni rengulu marchukovali.
Yenni Kallu nannu chusthuna, yentha mandi naa vaipu vasthuna, meeru vese adugu , chuse chupu, pilche swasa, EVERYTHING IS UNDER MY CONTROL


MRPF (Mother Rapid Protection Scene)
801: Paardhaaya Pratibodhitaam Bhagavataa Naarayanena Swayam
Scenes between Kalyan Ram – Srinivas Reddy

Zing Zing – Amazing
Coffee scene
Bellam Sreedevi

Raja The Great:

It’s laughing time – Hu Hu Huhu Huhuhu
Scenes between Rajendra Prasad – Annapoornamma
Scenes between Ravi Teja – Srinivas Reddy

Fun and Frustration: ( As per trailer)

Anthega Anthega
Venky Aasan

A simple example of Anil Ravipudi’s style of filmmaking:
My father is a great fan of films that too comedy genre movies. Whenever he gets free time, he used to watch Jandayala sir and EVV sir films. But, after watching Paatas in 2015, the scenario was changed! He started asking me about the whereabouts of the film director and my dad has been continuously enquiring the updates of Anil Ravipudi’s upcoming films. Since Paatas, my dad watches Anil Ravipudi’s film on the first day (if he doesn’t get time, he will watch the next day for sure).
One word about Anil Ravipudi from my father “EVV tarvtha nannu baga cinema tho navvinchindi, Anil. Athanu cinema chala practical ga tistharu.”

That’s the aura of Anil has created his impact in the hearts of audience.

Realistic to the core! Watch any of Anil Ravipudi’s film, we guarantee ticklish ribs and hysterical laughter for sure. Now, with F2 hitting the screens on January 12th, Let belly aches begin!
Big bow to you and long way to you sir! We wish all the very best for F2!