Suriya “Memu” Movie Review

Memu Review
Starring: Surya, Amala Paul, Bindhu Madhavi
Director: Pandiraj
Producer: Julakanti Madhusudan Reddy
Banner: Sri Manikanta Creations
Music: Arrol Corelli

Telugu dubbed movie Memu presented by kollywood star Surya, has finally hit the screens today. The versatile actor has also played a cameo role along with kerala beauty Amala Paul. Pandiraj has directed it. Tamil version titled Pasanga 2 was well received and appreciated for its attempt. Let us get into the dubbed version’s review.


Two kids Naveen and Nayana join boarding school as their parents get fed up with their mishcievous behaviour. Also even they carry the same behaviour there causing troubles. All of a sudden they run away from the school and their parents finally decide to consult child psychiatrist (Surya) who concerns to treat them. Surya’s wife (Amala) takes care of them. Rest of the story reveals how Surya handles them and whether the kids have a change in themselves by the end.


Two kids Nishesh and Vaishnavi can be said as the best choice for such a film based on children. Surya has done a great job and he holds audience attraction whenever he appears in a scene. Amala Paul, Bindu Madhavi and Karthik Kumar have done justice to their roles.




Second half

Surya’s scenes with kids


Slow paced first half

 Preachy Climax

Final Verdict:

Memu has a very good concept that deals with present day problems faced by kids. Surya is surely the main highlight of the movie. The first half would have been quite better if they had not prolonged the screenplay based on the kids’ mischief. On the whole Memu is a feel good flick and is worth a watch.