Movies are made keeping local sentiments in Mind; it’s foolish to compare even remakes

Movies are made keeping local sentiments in Mind; it's foolish to compare even remakes

As it is human psychology, the grass is always greener on the other side…
What is the most beautiful thing in the world? Neighbours house!
Most tasty curry? Neighbour’s cooked curry!
Most beautiful woman? Neighbour’s wife!
We tend to appreciate neighbour’s assets than our own. It is the same with regional cinema from other states as well. Yes, psychologically we tend to appreciate cinema belonging to other states.
We seem to extend our sympathies to Shankar and Vikram because their movie that was made over two years of hard work, failed at the box-office. But we ridicule our own Rajamouli for taking 2 years of time for a ‘Bahubali’.
Since the time ‘Premam’ was announced as a remake in Telugu, Comparisons were being drawn between the original Malayalm hit ‘Premam’ and its official remake.
Let’s understand why the remake slightly differs from the original:

Definition of Remake:
It simply means remaking a hit movie, from a different language, into our own language, to suit the taste of our audiences with our own home grown stars.

Like in the movie ‘Na Autograph’ where the backdrop belonged to Kerala, the Telugu audience couldn’t connect with the culture. In order to avoid the connectivity issue, remaking a movie to suit our sentiments and nativity seems a sensible decision!

Telugu taste:
Taste varies according to one’s self. Tamilians like their heroes to be dark and handsome while they prefer heroines that look healthy. Malayalis prefer the rough look on their protagonists. Bollywood is epitome of style and craves for stylish and soft looking heroes. Telugu people like to see their hero and heroines against a beautiful backdrop which satisfy their palate.

Malar is not emotion or loose motion:
Sai Pallavi played ‘Malari’ in ‘Premam’. Since, she is a Tamilian by birth, she brought beauty to the character with her voice. The Telugu remake requires a dubbing for the female lead while she must titillate our audience with dance performance. Who better than Shruti Haasan fits the bill to play the female lead?

Telugu Market demands:
Telugu Industry produces the highest number of films per year. Compared to Malayalam industry where cost of making films is fairly low, small budget Telugu films find it difficult to sustain the high production costs and Labour payment. If there erupts any unexpected problem, the movie is left to bite the dust.

Are commercial values necessary?
‘Premam’ is purely an art film. Art films get only critics appreciation on social media. Does it cater to the mass audience who are aloof from the world of social media? So what about the B,C centers audience?
To answer this question, the makers have roped in Shruti Haasan who has a frenzy among the mass audience for her oomph and beauty. If Sai Pallavi had been in the remake too, it would have been hard to attract all sections of the audience.

off late there have been war of sorts on social media comparing the original ‘Premam’ with its Telugu remake. It is kind of foolish to compare both versions as they both differ in the language, culture and ethnicity.
Our own Telugu filmmakers make movies considering the sentimental regional value. They Know what their audience want.