Cast: Akhil, Niddhi Aggarwal
Director: Venky Atluri
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Banner: Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Music: S. S Thaman

Ever since the announcement of Mr.Majnu happened, the film has gained a lot of expectations, for the fact that the title itself enhanced the expectations as it was inherited by Akkineni family (Majnu – ANR, Majnu, Nagarjuna). However, right from the release of teaser and the Kopamga Kopamga’ song, the Akhil Akkineni – Niddhi Aggarwal starrer Mr.Majnu, became one of the most expected films, among the youngsters and film buffs. This romantic entertainer is finally out today and here is our review.


Niddhi Agarwal (Nikky) is an NRI girl in UK, who has very high expectations and dreams about her life partner. One day, she meets Akhil (Vikky), who is also an NRI. Initially Nikky dislikes Vikky as he is a bigtime flirt.
But when both travel to India for their cousins’ marriage, Nikky came to know about Vikky’s true side and proposes him a two-month love relationship. But, Vikky rejected her after 2 months of their relationship.
After a while, Vikky realizes and wants Nikky back in his life and travels to UK to approach her. The rest of the story is how VIkky impresses Vikky? How she reacts to Vikky proposal? Will they marry?


Mr.Majnu is the real re-launch for the actor in Akhil as he pushed the boundaries to the next level with his acting for this flick. Dance, emotions, drama, love he perfectly nailed in every frame as Vicky. He must be specially appreciated for the way he has improvised his acting talent. The lead actress Nidhi Aggarwal looks so pretty and brings a kind of mystical feeling to the movie. She looks elegant and is apt in the role of Nikky.
Naga Babu, Sitara, Pavithra Lokesh, Rao Ramesh’s appearance and their performances were much-needed for the film. All the other actors justified their roles well. Priyadarshi Pullikonda and Vidyullekha Raman add to the fun quotient throwing up some light-hearted moments.


Mr.Majnu has all the elements to stay in the trend and the film is a reflection of today’s youngsters and their relationship. The youth will like the film for sure for its youthful, feel good and casual moments.
Director Venky Atluri should be lauded for beautifully executing the flick. The writing is very neat and also confined with no deviations, and the director goes a step further with the execution. His direction plays a key role in this movie. The whole story is interwoven with a bunch of emotions and the director excels in making the story so touching and the fairy-tale like feel is guaranteed. All the emotions, drama, love are bombarded in every frame. A romantic and fresh feel is carried throughout the movie.
The screenplay is so much in synchronization with the story. Venky’s idea is very much evident – to deliver a modern age romantic entertainer for today’s youngsters. Being a youngster himself, Venky’s writing is interesting that has quite a lot of high moments, guaranteeing a fun-filled ride.
George C. Williams’s cinematography is one of the best things in the movie which is to be appreciated. On a whole, the movie is a well-made youthful love story and justifies the film’s title. SS Thaman is easily the biggest pillar of the film, who gives life through his background score and songs. All the songs are so well composed. Be it the action scenes or heart-wrenching emotional scenes, his music always backs every single frame shown. The Cinematography is too good. George C. Williams’s rich capture of the lens is visible in every frame. Production values by SVC are high.

Plus Points:

  • Akhil’s Action
  • Venky Atluri’s Direction
  • Top-notch Cinematography
  • Music


To put it in simple words, Mr.Majnu is full of love, romance, and beautiful emotions with a heartwarming screenplay. Catch it to get immersed in bundle of emotions.

Rating: 3.75/5