Nag to interact with media about Akhil’s marriage break up


From the past few days, there are unlimited of speculations about Akhil Akkineni and Shriya Bhupal marriage break up. But there is no confirmation either from Akhil or Akkineni family.

 But, now it looks like Nagarjuna decided to clear all the air surrounding his son’s private life. As per the latest reports, Nag is all set to step out and interact with the media to explain things at the earliest. He will either meet the media publicly or he will release a video message about the issue.

Nag even asked his family members not to interact with the media or speak about this with their close friends. Nag is still in talks with the family members of Shriya Bhupal and he hopes that the issue gets sorted out soon. Once Nag gets clarity on the issue, he will step out to address the media.

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