OMG! Most expensive first look event for Robo 2.0

Just 24 hours ago, the makers of the biggest film in Indian Cinema Robo 2.0 released the title ago. Since then it has been trending on the social media. The first look of the film will be launched on 20th November at a grand gala event.
If you think Baahubali is the most costly film till now, then you are surely mistaken. Because, the makers of Robo 2.0 is leaving no stone unturned to make the film even bigger than Baahubali. 
As per the latest reports, the overall expenditure for the first look launch is said to be a whopping 6 Crores. It is heard that this will be a one of a kind first look launch which has never been seen before in the history of Indian cinema. 
Meanwhile, the preparations for the lavish event are already in place.