Puri has revived himself with ‘ISM’, says Kalyan Ram

puri-jagannadh-next-film-with-kalyan-ramUnconventional director Puri Jagannadh has broken the mold of regular kind of filmmaking with ‘ISM’ says Kalyan Ram.

“It is true that Puri’s movies are not catering to the family audience. But you will see a new director Puri in ‘ISM’. He has given some exceptional dialogues away from the routine. He has put his heart and soul into the film. Much care has been taken to avoid rough scenes and explicit dialogues and satire on girls. Mother sentiment scene is sure to leave your eyes wet. You will know that Puri has brought freshness into his style of filmmaking after you see my scenes with Tanikela Bharani. The court scene in the climax of the movie has turned out exceptionally well which required me to recite pages and pages of dialogues at one go. He has surely revived himself with this film”, says Kalyan Ram.

‘ISM’ is releasing tomorrow and it is interesting to see if Puri is successful in breaking the stereotype.