Rajamouli’s alternative methods for Anushka’s weight issues

Ace director Rajamouli is a perfectionist and doesn’t settle for ordinary outcomes. Until he finds perfection in his characters, scenes or anything related to his movies, he strives for betterment.

Recently, Jakkanna had shot four different climaxes for ‘Baahubali 2’ as he wasn’t sure which one would suit the best in the film. Now, we hear that he has taken up yet another challenge in the form Anushka Shetty; who is the leading actress in the movie.

Apparently, Anushka had to put on weight for ‘Size Zero’ movie where she played an obese girl. Post that movie she had troubles losing the oodles of weight. Director Rajamouli had asked her to reduce weight for the character of ‘Devasena’ in Baahubali.

We has seen Anushka as Devasena in Baahubali: The Beginning. She played a de-glamourous character of an old lady awaiting for the return of her son.

In ‘Baahubali 2’, the major part of the film will be set in flashback, where Baahubali will be scene romancing Devasena.

Rajamouli planned to shoot the romantic scenes of this second part on a more grandeur scale than the song ‘Pachcha bottesina’ was shot. Due to Anushka’s weight problems, the director has now decided to use special setup to capture her in angles where she appears slim.

Indeed, Rajamouli is a perfectionist and sets up alternatives to achieve his goals.

We have to wait till the movie’s release on April 28 2017 to witness how cleverly he has shot the romance between Anushka and Prabhas despite the actress’ weight issues.