Ravi Teja reveals fact about his brother

Ravi Teja reveals fact about his brother

Ravi Teja‘s brother Bharath passed away in a road accident recently. Many of them were angry on Ravi Teja for skipping his brother last rites. Ravi Teja revealed the facts why he had skipped the funeral service.

Raviteja: ‘Entire Family was in a state of shock upon knowing about Bharath‘s demise. My Father aged 85-plus has few health issues. He wasn’t in a good state of mind upon knowing about the tragedy. My Mother collapsed all of a sudden. We tried our best to console them. In the meantime, Raghu went to Osmania Hospital to complete the formalities. We were told that Bharath’s Face was in a bad condition. We can’t see him like that and hence given his last rites a miss. Imagine, how much pain we had been through! Don’t know when Mom & Dad will be back to normalcy’.

“I can’t see people who weren’t alive. I have this phobia. I am the one who won’t be seen anywhere whenever an Industry biggie passes away. After few days, I will go to console the family members of the deceased. When Srihari passed away, I tried my best to see his mortal remains. But, My heartbeat has gone up upon reaching close to his house and hence I came back without catching a glimpse of him. That’s my weakness! How could I see my own brother in such condition? “

He further added that we too have emotions though we are film actors’. Well, it is really heart touching right?

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