Is Rendu Rella Aaru story similar to Akhil’s Second Flick?

 Akkineni Akhil is presently working on his second film.  All his fans are eagerly waiting for the release. Akhil has teamed up with director Vikram Kumar for his second flick. 

It is known that Vikram Kumar is known for his different films like ‘Manam’..’24’.  The latest buzz reveals that Vikram is doing an experiment with Akhil film as well.. the story of Akhil film revolves around a youngster who will die before the age of 22.   Surprisingly, upcoming Telugu film ‘Rendu Rellu Aaru’ which is hitting the screens tomorrow revolves around the same concept.  

Vikram Kumar got to know the concept of ‘Rendu Rellu Aaru‘.. and asked the producers to arrnage a screening for him.. but that didn’t happen due to some reasons.  As another new movie is already hitting the screens with the #Akhil2 storyline, it is interesting to see whether Vikram will prepare a new story or not.