Review: Dhruva – A sour rivalry, sweet sensibilities, and palatable action drama


Cast: Ram Charan, Rakul Preet, Arvind Swamy

Director: Surendar Reddy

Producer: Allu Aravind, NV Prasad

Banner: Geetha Arts

Music Director: Hiphop Tamizha

Finally, D (Dhruva)-Day arrives today! Mega Powerstar Ram Charan’s Dhruva has been one of the most awaited films of the year coz of Ram Charan’s great transformation. The film has hit the screens today. Is the film worth watching? Well, let us see how Ram Charan has mesmerized the audience with his stunning physique transformation and mind game.

Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swami) born with a criminal mind, who wants to escape a crime that he has not done so that his innocent dad, (Thambi Ramaiah ) becomes an MLA, which would pave way for a life he dreams of. On the other hand, our protagonist, Dhruva IPS (Ram Charan) meticulously follows all the crimes in the city to choose his suitable opponent and even sketches a plan to arrest all of them.

At one point of time, Dhruva finds out that Siddharth Abhimanyu is not an eminent scientist as beileved by the government; he is a cunning criminal who can’t be clobbered easily. Dhruva gets defeated in each and every move because Siddharth is always one step ahead of him. Does Dhruva get a chance to win? How Dhruva makes some clever plans to defeat Siddharth? Watch the cat and mouse game between the two on the big screen.

Positive Aspects:
Dhruva IPS is essentially a battle of wits and Ram Charan is at his best here. As Dhruva IPS, his compassion towards his job and the intensity he brings on to the table give this clash a lot of worth and command.

For Arvind Swami, Dhruva is easily a significant film in his career and a great comeback to Tollywood as he is the showstopper in the film. His arrogance adds a new dimension to the powerful role. It is refreshing to see an antagonist with a lot of grey and style. The conceited smile he gives in the hospital lift after seeing Ravi is the cherry on the cake.
Meanwhile, (Ishika) Rakul Preet Singh brings in color. However, she is just not there to bring in sensuality and romance but contributes appreciably in this game.

Cherry and Rakul’s romance has been handled in a very mature manner and hats off to Surender Reddt for that! There is no teenager’s giddiness here. Navadeep and other actors as Ram Charan’s friends have all done their roles to perfection. It is good to watch a film without an unwarranted and disjointed comedy track. That said Surrender Reddy brings the cheer in this intense drama with his performance.

However, the usage of technology to convey a story laced with a social message is commendable and works in favor of the film. Cinematographer P. S. Vinod brings the gloss, sheen, and strength to the frames with his angle and lighting. Songs don’t protract the proceedings and Hip Hop’s BGM and tracks gel with the story. Toting it up, Ram Charan delivers an action-packed commercial entertainer with all its necessary elements in an engaging fashion and intelligent manner.

Negative Aspects:
Second half is a bit long and the director could have been chopped off to make the movie crisp. It looks like Aravind Swamy’s role has been kept a bit stamped down to elevate Ram Charan’s role. Sometimes, it looks a bit odd at times.

Dealing a battle between the good and evil is a best tried and tested formula in Indian cinema but what makes Dhruva, an enjoyable and engaging watch is its screenplay, the smart presentation and excellent characterization. Overall, Dhruva is an engaging cinema that deserves your time. At two hours in runtime, it can be worth your ticket. This will surely keep you hooked. Go for it!

Rating: 3.5/5