Review: Intlo Dayyam Nakem Bhyam – Routine horror entertainer.

Cast : Allari Naresh, Kruthika Jayakumar, Mouryani
Director : G. Nageswara Reddy
Producer : B V N S Prasad
Music Director : Sai Karthik
Allari Naresh’s Intlo Dayyam Nakem Bhayyam has been making headlines right from the announcement. The film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.
Naresh(Allari Naresh) is a happy go lucky guy who enters the guest house of Gopal(Rajendra Prasad). The guest house consists of  evil spirits and Gopal requested him to remove all the evils from his house. 
However, he succeeds in impressing everyone as the fake Swamiji and collects huge remuneration for his job.
The twist in the tale arises when Naresh comes to know that the ghost is actually after him and is troubling everyone for the same. How Naresh deals with  his problem and saves Gopal’s family forms the rest of the story.
Positive Aspects:
The fun generated during the first half of the film surely tickles your bones. Allari Naresh’s entry in the guest house and the fun generated through it is quite good.
Allari Naresh carries the entire film on his shoulders and evokes good laughs with his funny dialogues. Rest of the actors performed well in their respective roles.
Production values of the film are good.  Music by Sai Karthik is good.  Dialogues by Diamond Ratna Babu are written with a lot of wit and fun. Editing is decent except for the songs.
Coming to the director G Nageswara Reddy, he has done just an okay job with the film.  
Negative Aspects:
The story of the film is too old and has nothing to offer. The things become quite tedious soon after the twist was revealed. The climax of the film is quite routine and ends with a predictable and dull note.
Finally, Intlo Dayyam Nakem Bhayyam is a routine horror comedy flick. Watch at your own risk.

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