Review: Kaashmora – Horrible, gripping yet Complex!



Starring – Karthi, Nayantara, Sri Divya

Director – Gokul

Producer – S R Prakashbabu, S R Prabhu

Banner – Dream Warrior Pictures

Music Director- Santhosh Narayanan

Karthi is all set for one of his biggest release – Kaashmora. After much delay, this flick is finally seeing the light of day today. Touted to be a mythological drama, the film includes elements of horror, action and comedy.

Set, in two alternate worlds, the movie stars dynamic actor Karthi in three roles, happy-go lucky guy, a dreadful evil warlord and the third role of Karthi is kept under wraps by the makers. The movie also stars Nayanthara and Sri Divya as the female leads. The movie has created a huge buzz and its trailer has crossed more than 5 million views. The film is all set to hit the theatres today. Let’s see what is in store for all of us!


The story opens with a fraud Kaashmora (Karthi), who feeds on people’s ignorance and fear. He always makes the people to believe that he has supernatural powers and plays with the kind hearts of people’s superstitions. One day, a reputed local politician named Dhanakoti sends all valuable ornaments and money to hide in Kaashmora’s house from the income tax department.

Kaashmora’s family absconds with Dhanakoti’s wealth and money and lands in an old palace of Rathna Mahadevi (Nayanthara). How Kaashmora’s family escape from the palace? What is the

story of Rathna Mahadevi? How Kaashmora save his family? This forms the rest of the story.

Positive Points:

Karthi has a lot of scope to show off his terrible acting skills for both of his characters Kaashmora and Raj Nayak. Throughout of the film, he brims with powerhouse of energy and his outstanding performance during the pre-interval, where he gets locked up in the elegant palace, is one of the biggest assets of the film.

While Karthi brings a lot of laughter as Kaashmora and as Raj Nayak he dragged out his best villainy and heroism. Nayanthara hardly appears for thirty minutes in the film and she completely mesmerizes as an elegant lady with her grace and elegant costumes.

Santosh Narayanan scores good marks and he experimented well with his background scores a bit more than usual. Moreover, there are few moments where you tend to enjoy the music more than the action sequences. There might also be few moments where you might truly wonder if the music is really in sync with the situations or not.

The major highlight of the film is its visual grandeur, which is aptly balanced by an outstanding cinematography. Moreover, the perfect visual effects, grand art work but over the top vibrant and elegant costumes are one of the true highlights of Kaashmora.

Negative Points:

Well, while the hard work efforts are truly commendable, the script is a very light hearted, easy going one, extremely depended on the performances and dialogues. It may take time for the audience to get into the first half and it slightly confuses the audience with its pure Tamil and the stereotypical mysterious story.

Overall, Kaashmora has its moments of humour, experimentation and grandeur, but it doesn’t hold us tight enough to not get distracted.


In this Gokul’s fantasy, Karthi entertain the audience to the core, but Kaashmora could have been more engaging. People who adore Horror films will be definitely likes this film. Unless we watch the movie on screen right from the word go, it is quite difficult to understand the complexity.

Rating: 3.25/5