Review: London Babulu – It’s a Routine & Boring Comedy Entertainer

Review: London Babulu – It’s a Routine & Boring Comedy Entertainer


Cast: Rakshith, ‘Colors’ Swathi, Satya
Director: Chinni Krishna
Producer: Maruthi
Banner: Maruthi Talkies
Music Director: K

London Babulu has been making the headlines for quite some time and the film has hit the
screens. However, now let us see how the film will be.

Gandhi (Rakshith) searches for job and his life is full of responsibilities. He needs to repay the debt to his brother-in- law (Raja Ravindra) failing which he will divorce his sister.
But Gandhi is in dilemma how to earn big fortunes. In the meantime, his far relative comes from London, who earns huge money. Being inspired by him, Gandhi along with his friend Pandu (Satya) decides to go to London and approaches a broker to speed up the process.

Due to the broker’s misguidance, Gandhi is denied the Visa, while Pandu gets the Visa to
London. As it’s mentioned that Gandhi is married to Suryakantham in the passport, the goes on to find out a girl with the same name. In the process, he comes across Colors Swathi with the same name, who is a journalist. He tries to convince her to act as his wife and though initially, she rejects, finally accepts to act as his wife.
What happens next and whether Gandhi’s London dreams gets fulfilled forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:

 Satya’s Comedy
 Screenplay
 Cinematography

Minus Points:

 Forcible comedy
 Direction
 Music & BGM
 Editing
 Production Values
 Predictable climax


Nothing new to watch on silver screen. Predictable story and forceful comedy made this film a
bore entertainer. Watch it at your own risk.

Rating: 3/5

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