Review: Luckkunnodu – No Luck for hit pair this time

Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Hansika Motwani

Director: Raaja Kiran

Producer: MVV Satyanarayana

Banner: MVV Cinema

Music Directors: Achu Rajamani & Praveen Lakkaraju

Hit Pair Manchu Vishnu and Haniska teamed up for the third time for Luckkunnodu. The movie has hit the screens today on the eve of Republic day. Let us see how it is:


Lucky (Manchu Vishnu) is a happy-go lucky guy, who wastes times for all the day. But his dad Bhaktavatsalam (Jaya Prakash) treats him as unlucky guy as he faces all problems from the time Lucky was born. Lucky’s father develops hatred on him and stopped talking with him also. Saddened with his father’s behavior, Lucky decides to make his father happy with love.

One fine day, Lucky comes across Positive Padma (Hansika) and the duo fall for each other within no time. One fine day, Lucky was given a bag of 25 crores, and he realises that the bag belongs to a criminal JK (MVV Satyanarayana).

What did Lucky do with the bag? What did JK do to get back the bag? Did Lucky change his father’s attitude towards him? What happens to Lucky-Padma’s love story? Forms the rest of the film’s story.

Positive Aspects:

Manchu Vishnu’s performance is major highlight of the film. Hansika looks like a baby doll and too glamorous in songs. The interval block of the movie is a major relief which raises hopes on the second half. Posani Krishna Murali is entertaining in his comic role and succeeded in bringing few good laughs.

Luckunnodu begins off with an interesting aspect of money robbery. And the story shifts to some other place introducing the protagonist. Playing a safe game, the film unit has followed the usual success formula for this movie. The second half starts well with good scenes.

The production values maintained by MVV Cinema are rich. The cinematography by PG Vinda is a highlight of the movie. The dialogues written by Diamond Ratna Babu are good. The artwork is nice. The fights are okay. Overall, the technical team is strong. The beginning titles were presented on a 2000 rupees note in an impressive manner. Mohan Babu's special appearance in the first song was good.

Negative Aspects:

There is nothing new in the characterization of hero. MVV Satyanarayana as a villain is miscasting. The director has developed an old illogical script by including routine fun/comedy elements. The first half of the film moves forward with no story happening. The editing by Madhu could have been crispy.

In this movie Luckkunnodu, Jayaprakash hates his son (played by Vishnu) just because bad luck keeps on coming to him after Vishnu's birth and comes to a conclusion that son is the reason for that. There was never a justification given to this point.

The screenplay was completely let down by a poorly written script. The comedy elements added to the script neither helped nor destroyed the film's flow. The actual point was that they fail to fit in this scenario.


Luckkunnodu is a routine and regular boring film that comes as a comic drama. Watch it when it is telecasted on TV.

Rating: 2.75/5

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