Review: Nagaram – An Exhilarating and Thrilling Ride

Review: Nagaram – An Exhilarating and Thrilling Ride

Cast: SundeepKishan, Regina Cassandra, Sri

Direction: LokeshKanagaraj

Producer: Ashwani Kumar Sahadev

Banner: Potential Studios

Music: JavedRiaz

Budding hero Sundeep Kishan has carved a niche for himself in TFI with his acting skills and charming looks and stunning physique. His latest film Nagaram, which was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, has released today. Let’s see how it is:


The film begins with a beautiful and innocent girl Regina Cassandra (Shri) who lands in Hyderabad with tons of dreams to take up her dream job in an IT firm. On the other side, a happy-go- lucky guy (Sundeep Kishan), who was already in love with (Regina Cassandra), is always ready to go to any extremes in order to win his love.

And a taxi driver arrives in the city to give better medical treatment to his son. However, all of a sudden, a kidnap in the city changes their lives, and all of them get connected to each other.

What happens to Shri’s dreams? How Sundeep Kishan wins love from his ladylove? What happened after that forms the rest of the story.

Positive Points:

Nagaram marks the debut of LokeshKanagaraj who has a passion towards cinema is clear. His hard work is evident and he deserves a lavish praise! It is not one of those films where four stories vigorously converge into one. And what’s more special is that it is super engaging. The screenplay looks quite fresh and catches audience attention. It knocks you out with a jaw- dropping blend of humor, thrill, and emotions. The film is a serious crime thriller which travels in a proper manner afloat with unforgettable images, memorable acting, and unexpected humor.

The film gets into the story right away. Well, scenes wise one could hardly pick one and say it is not important to the script. Sundeep Kishan gets a new rugged makeover, something different from his earlier films in Tamil and Telugu. Sri’s role is more subtle, which has high scope to convey various emotions and Regina proves her mettle with emotions.

Regina might not have a big part in the film but she does a neat job. Charlie gets an intense role with enough scope to showcase his talent. But the surprise package and the show stealer would be Ramdoss who people know as Munishkanth.

The technical crew did marvellous job. With all possibility, this could be a game changer for JavedRiaz (Music Director), Selvakumar SK (Cinematographer) and Philomin (Editor).

Negative Points:

The film lacks nativity as it was shot mainly in Chennai. There are also few ups and downs. And the narration looks repetitive.


A cleverly made film, which gives a twisting impact and unpredictability while watching.

Rating: 3.75/5

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