Review: Naruda DONORuda – One time watch fun entertainer

Cast: Sumanth, Thanikella Bharani, Pallavi Subash
Director: Mallik Ram
Producer: Supriya y
Music: Sri Charan Pakala
Sumanth is staying far away from the radar light for the past few years. He is now coming back to enthrall the audience with Naruda Donoruda. The film is the official remake version of a Bollywood film Vicky Donar. Well, now let us see what is in store for us.
Vikram alias Vicky (Sumanth) is a happy go lucky guy, who loves to live a luxurious life.  One day, Dr.Anjaneylu (Thanikella Bharani), who is infertility specialist, meets Vicky and asks him to donate sperms to test few samples.  Initially, Vicky rejects Anjaneylu proposal,but later gives his nod to do so in order to lead a rich and posh life.
Dr.Anjaneylu’s sperm donation idea turns successful in the market and Vicky becomes very popular. In the mean time, Vicky meets Aashima Roy( Pallavi Subash) and falls in love with her. Within no time, they both fall in love with each other and spends some quality time together. Twist in the tale arises, when Vicky reveals about his sperm donating job.  How Aashima reacts to Vicky? How they settle down issues between them?what happened to their love story? Forms the rest of the story.
Positive Points:
 Veteran actor Thanikella Bharani’s performance is top-notch as a infertility specialist. He completely involved in the film and he is the major asset of the film. Sumanth’s acting is good. He carries the entire film on the shoulders. Pallavi Subash completely fails to impress the audience with her looks and acting as well.
The director did a fantastic job in dealing the double meaning scenes and dialogues. Being a debut director, he did a good job. Production values are good. Editing is just OK. Music is good and so is the background score.  Cinematography is good and the songs shot in exotic locales.
Negative points:
Director might have been very strong in dealing sensitive stories. He fails to bring Telugu Nativity as the film completely appears in a Telugu- Bengali back drop.  Screenplay might have been better.
Naruda DONOruda is a good concept and those who loves to watch a fun ride entertainer, can watch this film. Strictly for young generation audience.
Rating: 2.75/5