Review: Nenorakam – An intelligent & engaging and decent ride!

Review: Nenorakam – An intelligent & engaging and decent ride!

Cast: Sai Ram Shankar, Reshmi Menon

Director: Sudarshan Salendra

Producer: Depaa Srikant

Banner: Wibha Entertainments

Music: Mahat Narayan

Young and charming actor Sairam Shankar carved a niche for himself with his acting talents and he is now set to enthrall the audience with his next film Nenorakam. Right from the first look poster, the film received positive response from the audience and the trailer increased more expectations on the film. Well, let us see how the film is.


Gautam (Sai Ram Shankar) is a happy-go- lucky guy, who works as a recovery agent in Panduga Finance. One day, he came across a beautiful girl Swechcha (Reshmi Menon) and falls in love instantly.

He starts trying to woo her and within Swechcha fells for him as well. But suddenly a person kidnaps her and threatens Gautam to do as he instructs otherwise he demands Gautam that he will kill his ladylove Swechcha.

Who kidnapped her? What did the kidnapper asked Gautam to do? Did Gautam succeeded in saving the love of his life? What happens to Gautam and Swechcha’s love story? Forms the rest of the story.

Positive Aspects:

At first, congrats to the team for coming up with realistic approach. The standard of execution of the plot puts the film at a higher level. The director has a clear focus, to show the way in which kidnap and hero operate, and he succeeds in most parts. The most interesting portion of the film are the kidnapping, subsequent movement of the victim, simultaneous tracking by victim’s lover (Gautam) and the final saving process is very good. These portions have been shot and edited at a tempo that keeps you riveted to the proceedings. Gautam investigation mechanism especially is interesting.

Sairam Shankar is an able actor with great acting skills and given a right script, he would turn it into an engaging kidnap thriller. Sairam did the same with Nenorakam. He was the show stopper in the entire film. Its high time we need to forget the homely girl-next- door because here comes a new Reshmi Menon who has the right blend of glamor and performance in the film. The best of Lavanya is yet to come though. The rest of the cast Jabardasth team, Harsha, Late M.S.Narayana play their part well in this film.

In fact, Sairam gives a matured performance when compared to his previous films. The sizzling chemistry between Sairam and Reshmi Menon is one of the major highlights of the film.

Sairam’s acting surely connects to the audience with his lively expressions in the second half. The father and daughter relationship shown with great emotions and this scene will relate to everyone. Sarath Kumar’s acting is major asset of the film.

Art director needs a special mention to have recreated realistic sets. Cinematographer Siddartha’s camera works in tandem with the mood of the film with his right kind of angles and lighting.

The songs and background score composed by Mahith Narayan elevate the film. Karthik Srinivas’s editing is good and the lavish production values by Wibha Entertainments are excellent. The dialogues are good. The writer worked hard to bring in some fun elements to the script. The fights are okay. Overall, the technical team is strong.

Negative Points:

The film has extended second half. However, if at all the overall packaging was a little more tightened and certain cliché avoided, Nenorakam has no highlighted negative shades.


The main central plot, team’s hardwork and commitment makes the film a worth watch. Nenorakam is recommended watch for you. Go and watch this weekend.






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