RGV is ‘Nayeemon ka Nayeem’

rgv-is-nayeemon-ka-nayeemMaverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma is addicted to the horror, criminal and thriller genres of filmmaking. He specializes in digging up grave secrets about his real life characters for his movies.

RGV’s latest subject of interest is the life of ganster Nayeem, who was recently laid to rest by the police authorities as his activities started becoming a wasp sting in the eye for the who’s who in the state.

Soon after RGV announced that he would make a three part film on the life of the gangster, he released the theme song for the movie. He took to twitter to disclose that the Nayeem’s gang members were making threatening calls to him and that he wasn’t scared of them in his inimitable style.

RGV also revealed that he visited a jail-mate of Nayeem in Mumbai and was shocked at the fact that the dreaded gangster had problems with his would be mother-in-law. RGV also came to know that Nayeem had close links to the man in Karachi(Dawood). In search for the gangster’s history, RGV met 5 police men and 2 naxalites who had worked with Nayeem for 3 years.