“Rojulu Marayi” Movie Review

Rojulu Marayi Movie
Starring: Chetan, Kruthika Jayakumar, Parvatheesam, Tejaswi Madivada
Director: Murali Krishna Mudidani
Producer: G. Srinivas Rao
Banner: Good Cinema Group
Music: JB

Director Maruthi is about to present a different story with the movie Rojulu Marayi targeting youth. Debutant Chethan, Drishyam fame Kruthika Jayakumar, Kerintha fame Parvatheesam (Nooka Raju) and Tejaswi Madivada are playing the lead roles. Murali Krishna who earlier assisted Chandrasekhar Yeleti is going to make his directorial debut with this youthful entertainer. Let’s see whether he succeeded in handling it.


Ashwath (Chethan) and Peter (Parvatheesam) love Aadhya(Kruthika) and Ramba (Tejaswi) respectively. But both the girls already find their loved ones. Thinking not to misuse the opportunity both Aadhya and Ramba decide not to reject the boys’ love so that Ashwath and Peter could turn beneficial for them. After hearing from their hostelmate one day they decide to meet a Swamiji to have knowledge about their fortune. The girls then come to know that they will be widows for life after getting married to those who are in deep love with them. How they trick Ashwath and Peter to win their fortune and how they ended up forms the rest of the story.


Chethan has done a decent job as a debutant and could have made it better. Parvatheesam stands as the major highlight of the movie as his dialogues and performance are what took the first half to another level. Kruthika and Tejaswi have given life to their characters with their outstanding acting skills. J.B’s songs enhanced the movie and his background score played crucial role in the gripping screenplay. Director Murali Krishna Mudidani has perfectly handled what he was given and also he made the best out of his debut.




Nail biting First Half

Songs and background score


Few drags in second half

Predictable Climax

Final Verdict:

Rojulu Marayi has an impressive storyline that brings the audience to theatres. The film is especially a treat for the youth. Parvatheesam’s one man show, JB’s music and nail biting screenplay provide all the entertainment that a regular cinegoer expects. If ignored few drags and the predictable climax Rojulu Marayi stands as the perfect weekend entertainer. Those who prefer flicks with engaging screenplay must give it a shot.