Small budget films take big leaps in TFI


Now-a- days small turned big in Tollywood. A slew of small budget films in T-Town have kept the cash registers ringing and adding that the icing on the cake has been three biggies that crossed the Rs 50 crore mark. 

A bouquet of non-commercial flicks such as Nenu Sailaja, Kshanam, Pelli Choopulu, Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnivada turned into big successes at the ticket window, which also saw biggies Sarrainodu, Janatha Garrage doing roaring business. Both, filmmakers and audiences have evolved in TFI and so, non-mainstream cinemas’ box office returns have been overwhelming.

This is the process of evolution and lot of non-mainstream cinema happened to be mainstream, including as far as small-budget films are concerned, projects like Pelli Choopulu, Kshanam have not just recovered the money but have also earned decent profits in various circuits.

Small budget films in Telugu Film Industry have become the gateway of talent and blockbuster hits at the box office. Even though the filmmakers are ready to spend Crores of money on the biggies, the audience has been encouraging small budget movies that too strong content related films that made an absolute fortune at the box office. The audience are mainly looking for a refreshing content, good acting skills, comedy genre and engaging screenplay but not the budget.

Small budget films in Telugu Film Industry have surely become the gateway of talent and blockbuster hits at the box office. The budding actors and filmmakers try their luck in the small film in order to show off their talents and pave themselves a path to get into the film industry thoroughly. 

And finally the small budget films are done by those who are hungry to make a different cinema and want to get a hold in the industry. The main reason they are made on low budget is because they are more prone to experimenting with film making. Strange right? And when these hit the target, there is no force stopping them.