Tollywood heroes shows power in Forbes 2016 India list

Tollywood actors are leaving no stone unturned to push the boundaries of TFI to the next level. TFI Actors have already showed power across the globe and now they are showing their power in the world’s popular magazine Forbes list. According to the Forbes 2016 top 100 celebrities in India, Telugu stars to showed their power.

 According to the list Super Star Mahesh Babu topped the list of Telugu stars standing at 33 while Allu Arjun stood at 43. NTR and Ram Charan are at 55 and 67 respectively according to their earnings.

Mahesh has earnings of 42crs while Allu Arjun ,NTR and Ram Charan have the earnings of 29crs,36crs abd 26 crs respectively. Allu Arjun has the fame rank 59, Mahesh Babu 74, Ram Charan 86 and NTR 89 respectively.

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