Vennela Kishore turns second Brahmi in TFI


In the recent trend, comedy plays a crucial role in any film. Whether it is a biggie or small budget flick, audience many not be satisfied if there is no pinch of comedy in it. Well, our filmmakers have always focused on the aspect of comedy genre and hence there is a big list of comedians in the film fraternity.
vennela-kishore-1However, one man remains as the king of comedy in the history of Telugu cinema for nearly more than three decades. He is none other than senior and versatile comedian Hasya Brahma Brahmanandam. While he is ruling the roost, now the time has come for an apt successor of comedy kingdom and now the Telugu Industry has found talented gem. He is none other than Vennela Kishore. His mere presence on the silver screen is bringing thumping response from the audience and indeed
 many audience will watch the film for the sake of his comedy.

12642681_803755829730549_3632635146598914498_n-1Kishore is a right blend of comedy, expressions and timing. However, if you observe in the last few years, after Brahmi, Kishore has become the most sought after c
omedian especially for big ticket movies.

The comedian timing between Mahesh Babu and Vennela Kishore worked wonders in Dookudu and Agadu and their combo is said to be one of the reasons to pull crowds to the film. Not only Mahesh, his comic antics matches with all the actors and every one wish to act with him.

In fact, filmmakers are making bees in front of Kishore and he has several films in his kitty as of now. Moreover, he is one of the few actors who actively interact with fans via his
social network platforms.